18. Seafood & Fish


This brand has been popular since the seventies for the quality and great variety of canned fish that it provides, recently adding frozen and chilled seafood as well. There has to be some product of ours that has won a place in your heart and at your family’s table. In Greece, in the heart of the Mediterranean, we learn the value of good fish from a young age, since we’ve all grown up near the sea. That’s why we always take care to include quality and flavor in what we eat. Since we’re fortunate to live in this blessed country, we constantly discover new ways to help us truly enjoy our food and lead a healthy life.


Groupe Alimentaire Miron imports the finest Fish and Seafood from Greece and around the world such as raw, cooked and organic shrimp, squid, octopus, cuttlefish, pangasius, smoked salmon etc.