Groupe Alimentaire Miron imports soft drinks and water from Greece. We carry Loux beverages in most flavours and sizes. We carry as well Zagori from northern Greece.



The Natural Mineral Water ZAGORI is concentrated beneath the earth’s surface in natural aquiferous basins, on the slopes of the relief of Pindos massif, in one of the most picturesque, protected and pristine regions of Greece, the region of Zagorochori


We are proud to import beverages from the largest Greek soft drink and juice company It all started in the early 1950s. When at the junction of Pantocratoros and Ilias streets, behind the historical temple that still exists today in the old city of Patras, Panagiotis Marlafekas founded “LOUX”, a small family business initially producing orange drink, lemonade and soda water. The manufacturing processes were naturally primitive: “Bottling took place by hand, bottle capping by hand.” And with corresponding, for that time, distribution took place, "by cart." Since then, LOUX products stand out from any other beverage in Greece and worldwide. They are the only ones prepared with water from Kefalovrissos. Something that is proudly inscribed in every LOUX package.