olives, oils & shortening

Groupe Alimentaire Miron is a leading importer and distributor of olive, oil and shortening products from Greece in North America. We carry many olive oil brands like Kriti Gold, “the gold standard”, and Sitia. We proudly provide private label olive oil and olives for the last decade. We also carry the most famous brand olives from Greece “Kalamata olives”, in many sizes collosal, jumbo, large, superior. Black, green, pitted. We carry also Morocan style olives like Thassos troubes. We also carry Ariston stuffed (red peppers, olives, garlic) for retail. We carry top Canola oil brands like Golden, Canolina and Spectra and vegetable shortening with butter from Ariston. Sitia PDO extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is the purest form of oil that comes straight from the olive trees, without having undergone industrial processing. It has a strong fruity taste and the distinct aroma of freshly cut olives. We are proud to Import Sitia into Canada.